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Marquee Hire

Whether you’re looking to hire for a corporate event, a backyard  party or a marquee wedding on the Sunshine Coast, we have exactly the size, type and style you need to make your event extra special.

Marquee’s can transform any area into a stunning reception or party venue and create the atmosphere of your dreams.

Alfies Event Hire Marquee Styling Tips.

1: Location, Location, Location

The attraction of any marquee wedding is that it brings the outside in. Add a clear roof to the marquee and it captures the soft warm light in through the afternoon and teamed with fairy lights can add a magical and romantic glow at night. It becomes easy to wonder from the inside to the outside to take in that picturesque setting.

2. Style Choice

You can be over whelmed with all the Magazine, Instagram and Pinterest Blogs. Think about your location, where your marquee will be set up and what your surroundings will be. This can be beach, backyard or hinterland.

What is your personal style? Some of which include modern, formal, rustic, relaxed, cocktail or casual?  Decide whether you are looking for a sit down formal style or a cocktail standing style.

3. Use All the Space

When you have a marquee another benefit is that it is not just one room or space, you do not need to be confined by the walls of your marquee.

You can create separate outdoor areas such as an outdoor games area, a quiet chill out area with bar tables, cable drums or wine barrels. You may choose to have an outdoor dance floor or a bar lounge area. This can look stunning with festoon lighting making these areas useable both day and night.

4. Lighting

Lighting is an excellent way to create a different mood and ambience once the afternoon sun goes down.

Fairy lights create a warm romantic decorative glow.

Festoon Lights create a fun, brighter festival feel keeping formalities to a minimal.

Chandelier or Pendant lighting creates a classic statement to your indoor ceiling

5. Furniture

This all needs to follow on with your theme as well as reflect your surroundings. as we mentioned in the Location section.

The choice of chair can transform your space completely. Darker colours can create a more moody, romantic vibe while lighter colours create a more fun and brighter way to bring light to your marquee.


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